Animal shelters

Unheated WSP shelters

  • Dip-painted girder-box frame
  • In the WPS shelter, the frame distribution (6 m) is well-suited to a design with 1.2 m cow stalls – efficient use of space
  • The hall also has a ventilated ridge (2,300 mm) and steel purlins in the roof
  • Roof slope 15°
  • Well-suited to wood cladding

Customer’s responsibilities include:

  • Procuring/hiring an installation team/li>
  • Hiring a worksite manager and principal designer, as required by law
  • Ordering a site and foundation plan from the principal designer
  • Procuring wood material required for the hall
  • Complying with storage instructions delivered with the package. Note! The factory is not responsible for damages arising during storage and installation.