Unheated pitched-roof WS halls

Finland’s most popular ready-made hall

  • Tested quality since 1980
  • Load-bearing, dip-painted girder-box frame
  • Standard roof angle 15° with 50 cm eaves
  • Batten fastening points 60 cm apart on the roof and 90 cm apart on the walls
  • Tubular beam ends in the standard model
  • The span is dependent on the maximum permitted snow load for the region
  • Also available with a roof angle of 27° and 70 cm eaves
  • Uninterrupted space from wall to wall and up to ceiling
  • Suitable for wood cladding
  • Accessories: sliding doors, windows, transparent panels, roof-covering sheeting and anti-condensation coating for roofing


  • Procuring/hiring an installation team
  • Hiring a worksite manager and principal designer, as required by law
  • Ordering a site and foundation plan from the principal designer
  • Procuring wood material required for the hall
  • Complying with storage instructions delivered with the package. Note! The factory is not responsible for damages arising during storage and installation.