Comparison tables


Technical informationM50WS65
Capacity / kg48006500
Weight with standard side walls / kg9301170
Weight with additional walls / kg11001330
Weight with extension walls / kg12351470
Weight with animal feed walls / kg
Volume with standard side walls / m³2.73.2
Volume with additional side walls / m³6.88.0
Volume with extension side walls / m³9.611.2
Volume with side walls for animal feed / m³--
Bed height / cm9395
Trailer bed exterior dimensions, cm379x196379x226
Trailer bed exterior dimensions, cm363x181363x211
Drawbar length / cm118146
Standard wall height / cm4040
Additional wall height / cm101101
Extension wall height / cm141141
Animal feed wall height / cm--
Tipping angle / O4950
Cylinder oil capacity / l8.112.2
Tilt cylinderNAP4NA5
Track width / cm140167
Frame profile / mmU-64x240x70x6U-64x240x70x6
Bed runners / mmU-52x200x70x4U-60x200x70x6
Bed bottom sheet, mm44
Tyre size400-15.5/14400-15.5/14
Tyre size, alternative--
BrakesOptional extraOptional extra

GRAIN TRAILERS WS 80 / WS 110 / WS 130 / WS 140 / WS 170-2 / WS 80M / WS 170K

Technical informationWS80WS110WS130WS140WS170-2WS80MWS170K
Capacity / kg800011000130001400017000800017000
Weight with standard side walls / kg1490188024102830412516204650
Weight with additional walls / kg168021402680308045101920
Weight with extension walls / kg18352320287032704755
Weight with animal feed walls / kg360051605250
Volume with standard side walls / m³3.
Volume with additional side walls / m³9.212.414.014.918.69.7
Volume with extension side walls / m³12.316.318.419.624.5
Volume with side walls for animal feed / m³---28.435.735.3
Bed height / cm104106109127132104129
Trailer bed exterior dimensions, cm379x226416x254467x254513x246618x254377x231621x244/239 Kartio
Trailer bed interior dimensions, cm363x211410x239452x239498x231603x239367x220607x231/226
Drawbar length / cm145150150144148143
Standard wall height / cm405050505055155
Additional wall height / cm116126126126126120
Extension wall height / cm156166166166166
Animal feed wall height / cm---237242260
Tipping angle / O50525252515051
Cylinder oil capacity / l12.216.717.724.43512.248.7
Tilt cylinderNA5NAS5NAS6NAT72x NAS7NA52xNAT7
Track width / cm167190188179183167193
Frame profile / mmU-64x240x70x6Tubular 220x120Tubular 220x120Tubular 250x150Tubular 250x150U-64x240x70x6250x150
Bed runners / mmU-60x200x70x6Tubular 200x100Tubular 200x100Tubular 200x100Tubular 250x150U-60x200x70x6 220x120
Bed bottom sheet, mm4455545
Tyre size400-15.5/14400x15.5/14520/50-17550/45-22.5600/50R22.5400-15.5/14600/50R22.5
Tyre size, alternative-520/50-17-560/45-22.5620/50R22.5-710/40R22.5
BrakesOptional extraOptional extraOptional extraOptional extra

EARTH-MOVING TRAILERS WS 120 D2 / WS 160 D3 / N110 D3 / N130 D3 / WS 150 D3

Technical informationWS120 D2WS160 D3N110 D3N130 D3WS150 D3
Capacity, kg1200016000110001270015000
Weight with standard side walls / kg27004200297029803540
Volume with standard side walls / m³6.
Volume with side walls for grain / m³14.218.613.415.017.5
Trailer bed exterior dimensions / cm245x459245x539250x424250x472258x503
Trailer bed interior dimensions / cm230x445230x525240x401240x449245x480
Drawbar with springs-vakio---
BrakesFront WheelsFront Wheels4-wheelFront WheelsFront Wheels
Front wall height with standard walls / cm8095808085
Standard wall height / cm6580656570
Grain wall height / cm141156140140150
Tipping angle, degrees5553515452
Cylinder oil capacity17.741.216.723.424.4
Tilt cylinderNAS 62xNAT7 ChromeNAS 5NAT 6NAT 7
Track width / cm198193 *)198198203
Bed bottom sheet / mm6 Abrasion-resistant steel6 Abrasion-resistant steel8 Abrasion-resistant steel6 Abrasion-resistant steel6 Abrasion-resistant steel
Side thickness / mm4 Abrasion-resistant steel4 Abrasion-resistant steel4 Abrasion-resistant steel4 Abrasion-resistant steel4 Abrasion-resistant steel
Drop-down gate--xxx
Upward-opening backboardxx---
FrameRHS 250x150RHS 250x150RHS 250x150RHS 250x150RHS 250x150
Bed height / cm112131112112123
Tyre size520/50-17600/50R22.5520/50-17520/50-17550/45R22.5
Tyre size, alternative-710/40R22.5--560/45-22.5