Steel roofs

Installation companies

Request a free quote for roof building or renovation from a Weckman professional. This professional will provide you with installation and all roof materials, accessories and fittings required for your roof.

Installation companies


The versatile Weckman roof product range is available in almost all well-stocked companies selling construction products in Finland.


Sales of roof and wall products

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Area 2 and area 4

Petri Hartikainen
Tel. +358 44 783 7219

Area 4 Hardware stores

Mikko Kapanen
Tel. +358 44 783 7209

Area 3 and 1

Nuutti Rauhala
Tel. +358 44 783 7556

Area 5 and 7 (west)

Jani Koljonen
Tel. +358 44 783 7233

Area 6 ja 7 (east)

Arto Saastamoinen
Tel. +358 40 766 4108


Dimensioning service for rood and wall products

Steel halls

Weckman steel halls are suitable for industrial and agricultural production halls as well as for special purposes. You can choose a thermally insulated or non-insulated sheet metal hall depending on the use – or, if necessary, a combination of both. As needs change, the steel hall can also be flexibly converted and enlarged.

Sales of steel halls

Steel construction

Weckman manufactures safe, CE-marked load-bearing profiles: corrugated sheets and lightweight purlins for building frames and water roofs. Weckman also offers load-bearing corrugated sheets as load-bearing structures for upper and intermediate floors, waterproof ceilings and walls, and concrete molds.

Load-bearing structures, lightweight purlins, intermediate floor solutions and earth construction products


Centre +358 3 888 70

Tractor trailers

Weckman tractor trailers are designed for demanding goods transport on farms, forestry and earthworks. From the comprehensive selection you can find a suitable option for all professional transport needs.

Sales of tractor trailers

Erkki Malmiharju
Tel. +358 44 783 7208

Mikko Kapanen
Tel. +358 44 783 7209

Sales of tractor trailer spare parts

Pasi Kivilahti
Tel. +358 44 7837210

Resale of tractor trailers

The versatile Weckman product selection is available in well-equipped stores in the field all over Finland.

II selection sales

Through our II selection sale, it is possible to order removal batches of roof and tractor trailer products.

Pentti Piira
Tel. +358 400 844 609

Transport Finland

Dispatch centre

Steel roofs


Janne Ylärakkola
Tel. +358 44 7837228

Harri Hartonen
Tel. +358 44 783 7231


Jukka Hyvönen
Tel. +358 44 7837238

Steel halls


Malmi Lemettinen
Financial Director
Tel. +358 44 783 7202

Juha Weckman
Sales Director
Tel. +358 44 783 7226



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Weckman offices

Weckman Steel Oy is a private family company founded in 1962, which specializes in the manufacture of sheet steel products as well as steel sheds and tractor trailers. Weckman products are manufactured in Finland in Vierumäki and Iisalmi, in Germany in Zeven and in Estonia in Viimsi.


Härkäläntie 72
Tel. +358 3 888 70

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Muovikatu 12
Tel. +358 3 888 70

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