When you need a reliable and experienced construction expert with solid roof construction know-how, look no further than Weckman.We offer the most extensive steel roofing selection on the market. Choose from more than 200 roofing products.
We have earned the trust of our professional construction customers by manufacturing durable, easy-to-maintain and elegant steel roofing to the highest standard for 60 years.

Our selection includes tile pattern, interlocking and corrugated roofing sheets. Load-bearing corrugated sheets and row coils for machine-seamed roofs are the choice of professional builders.
We also manufacture load-bearing steel structures for more heavy-weight roofing and frame construction.

Our customers include building companies and contractors of all sizes and industrial and other companies as well as the public sector. Weckman steel structures are used as roofing material for terraced houses and blocks of flats.
Other typical applications include the construction and renovation of roofs of supermarkets, hypermarkets and shopping centres, both indoors and outdoors, hospitals, church halls and other large buildings.

Architects and technical designers can make the most of our expertise by inviting us to participate already at the planning stage of the project. In the design process, you can make use of the n Optimi design program for load-bearing structures and the HC composite sheet design softwarea.