Tractor trailers from Weckman

The Weckman tractor trailers are designed for demanding transport of goods in farming, forestry and earthworks. The comprehensive range offers a suitable option for all your professional transport needs. Thanks to the high-quality manufacturing processes and meticulous design, Weckman’s tractor trailers are durable, safe and comfortable to use.

Durable and versatile tractor trailers for a wide range of transport purposes

The robot-welded, rotationally rigid structure of the Weckman tractor trailer’s body and platform extends the trailer’s service life and makes it durable even under heavy loads. The trailer’s sturdy bogie, long towbar and high ground clearance function reliably even in challenging conditions. In multi-purpose tractor trailers, you can transport grain, fodder, hay, manure, soil, stumps, timber and many other materials.

Grain trailers with opening sides

Grain and feed trailers with opening sides

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Fixed-side grain trailers

Grain and feed trailers with fixed sides

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Bale trailers

For transporting round bales and pallet boxes

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Earthmoving trailers

Durable earthmoving trailers for demanding professional use. These earthmoving trailers guarantee that the work runs smoothly.

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Multipurpose trailers

Trailers for diverse transport needs and production work

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Trailer accessories

Improve occupational safety and comfort

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Safer, more efficient and faster transport

The new Weckman tractor trailers enable faster, more efficient and safer transport, loading and unloading. With our latest innovations, we can respond to customer needs. Weckman’s trailers are manufactured using the latest technology, guaranteeing a reduction in the carbon footprint during the manufacturing process.

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Trailers for farms

Trailers for earthmoving

Trailers for transport

A trailer tested and
recommended by Finnish farmers for 60 years

Our tractor trailers are manufactured in Finland at the Weckman Steel factory in Vierumäki. Weckman’s long traditions and decades-long experience in the production of tractor trailers guarantee meticulous and high-quality manufacturing processes.

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Choosing the right trailer

What factors influence the choice of a suitable trailer?
There are many reasons to choose a Weckman tractor trailer.

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Weckman tractor trailers

Safety features and accessories

Occupational safety is taken into account in the design of Weckman trailers from the outset, and the trailers are continuously developed based on the feedback received. All Weckman tractor trailers comply with the EU standard (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC), which guarantees the safety of the trailers.

Several safety features have been added to the trailers

  • Safe tipping is ensured by a comprehensive third-party test programme.
  • The trailer weight distribution is designed and tested in such a way that the trailer does not topple over backwards when tipped, and the load of the emptying trailer on the towbar is at least 500N or 3% of the weight of the empty trailer on a flat surface.
  • Steps make it easy to get into the trailer and the anti-slip tape on the towbar reduces the risk of slipping.
  • The locking mechanism on the tailgate/grain gate prevents the gate from falling down.
  • In traffic, safety is enhanced by the large tail lights and efficient brakes on trailers.
  • With the Weckman accessories, you can complete the trailer package of your choice.
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Environmentally friendly to manufacture and use

Here’s how our redesigned Weckman trailers help save the environment:

  • 10% lighter trailer → 5% lower fuel consumption
  • 20% less driving thanks to higher payloads
  • 40% fewer steel parts used for the trailers
  • 1.5 million fewer kilograms of CO₂ emissions per year in steel production

Sale of Weckman tractor trailers

Updated, environmentally friendly Weckman Green tractor trailers from all Hankkija-Maatalous Oy stores and Weckman’s sales points all over Finland.

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