Weckman offers the most extensive steel roofing selection on the market. You can choose from more than 200 roofing products. We take pride in our products’ durability, easy maintenance, good quality and elegant appearance. These are properties that you can rely on, whatever the weather. We offer tile pattern and interlocking sheets, row coils for machine-seamed roofs, corrugates sheets with a straight profile and load-bearing corrugated sheets. Our extensive selection of colours and coatings offers something for everyone. Our roofing sheets are available with a quality classification of 30, 40 and even 50 years.






Weckman roof range

High-quality Weckman steel roofings have sheltered homes and other buildings in Finland and around the world for over 55 years. Continuous product development ensures that our products are top quality in terms of durability, practicality and appearance.

Weckman Progantti interlocking roof sheets

Progantti is a new, durable roof sheet which represents a new generation of interlocking roof sheets. Extra strong structural steel and unique construction solutions make Prograntti the quietest and best ventilated roof.

Interlocking roof sheets

Weckman tile pattern roofs

Weckman’s stylish tile pattern roofs give your house a valuable look. Weckman’s traditional steel roofs Teräsaalto, Teräsaateli and Terästiili are long-time favourites among Finnish builders. Our newest model, Europa, gives your roof a new and impressive look.

Tile pattern roofs

Weckman corrugated roof sheets

Weckman corrugated roof sheets are traditional Finnish tin roof profiles. Our versatile range includes many great options, regardless of whether you want a galvanised or painted roof.

Corrugated roof sheets

Weckman machine-seamed roofs

Top quality sheets for machine-seamed roofs. Installed by a tinsmith.

Machine-seamed roofs

Weckman walls

Weckman wall sheets for outer and inner walls and ceilings. Various profiles and colours can be combined to create impressive results.

Wall sheets

Instructions for an optimal roof renovation

Contact Weckman’s installation partner for a free assessment. Our professional roofing contractors will check the roof and substructures of your house and investigate possible damage and problem areas. You will receive a fixed-price and final offer. Let our roof experts oversee your roof renovation and rest easy in the knowledge that your renovated roof will last for decades to come.

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A Complete Roofing Package Pre-Installed

Full-Service Roof Installations

Weckman’s network of roofing installation companies and contractors is the most extensive in Finland. Select your roofing expert here. Weckman’s products, when installed by our experienced installation partners and contractors, come with a guaranteed technical durability of 30, 40 or up to 50 years. The installation includes a needs analysis, offer calculations, the delivery of correctly dimensioned Weckman products, the actual installation, cleaning and final inspection. Our professional fitters perform the installation reliably and quickly.

The smaller carbon footprint of Weckman steel halls, sheet metals, and trailers brings economic benefits

Production innovations of Weckman steel halls will reduce the carbon footprint from production to commissioning. The amount of steel in production will be reduced by up to 25%, which will also reduce the environmental impact of transporting and erecting halls. CO2 emissions will be reduced by around one million kilograms a year as a result of reduced steel use alone.

The story of Weckman

The story of Weckman begins in the mid-18th century, when blacksmiths created the first Weckman products.

A Weckman steel roof is durable

The roof is a building’s most important structure.
By choosing a high-quality WECKMAN roof, you can be certain that your property retains its value for decades to come.

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The market’s most extensive selection of roofing solutions

WECKMAN offers the most extensive steel roofing selection on the market. From our selection of more than 200 options, you can find the most suitable solution for your project.

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100% finnish family business

Weckman is a Finnish family business which has been owned and run by the Weckman family for more than 50 years.
All of its steel products are made in Finland.

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Quality classes

Weckman Premium 50

WECKMAN Premium 50 is the best choice for your roof, when you want impressiveness and durability.
• Techincal life 50 years
• Coating guarantee 25 years

Weckman Standard 40

WECKMAN Standard 40 is an extremely durable and high-quality alternative for any roof.
• Technical life 40 years
• Coating guarantee 15 years

Weckman Economy 30

WECKMAN Economy 30 is the right choice when you want reliable durability affordably.
• Technical life 30 years
• Coating guarantee 10 years


Request a free quote for roof building or renovation from a Weckman professional. This professional will provide you with installation and all roof materials, accessories and fittings required for your roof.

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The versatile Weckman roof product range is available in almost all well-stocked companies selling construction products in Finland.

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