Weckman Corrugated Roofs

Weckman corrugated roof sheets are traditional Finnish tin roof profiles. Our versatile range includes many great options, regardless of whether you want a galvanised or painted roof.

Weckman W-1

Weckman W-1 is a traditional and robust corrugated sheet with a fine and low wave pattern that gives your roof a calming look.


Weckman W-2

The Weckman W-2 is a classic roof from 1967. The traditional design makes the roof look calm and impressive on any building.


Weckman W-20K

Weckman W-20/990 is a robust corrugated sheet with small waves.
The sheets are easy to handle and install.


Weckman W-20R

Weckman W-20R/1100 is our most popular corrugated model.
It is an inexpensive and safe choice for any roof. W-20R/1100 is also available with Weckman anti-condensation coating.


Weckman W-45ER

The Weckman W-45ER/1000 roofing sheet is also stable with longer rib intervals. Available with Weckman anti-condensation coating.


Weckman W-45JR

Weckman W-45JR/900 makes an impressive and robust roof on spans of under 3.5 m. This compact and narrow model is easy to handle and install. W-45JR is available with Weckman anti-condensation coating.


The story of Weckman

The story of Weckman begins in the mid-18th century, when blacksmiths created the first Weckman products.

The smaller carbon footprint of Weckman steel halls, sheet metals, and trailers brings economic benefits

Production innovations of Weckman steel halls will reduce the carbon footprint from production to commissioning. The amount of steel in production will be reduced by up to 25%, which will also reduce the environmental impact of transporting and erecting halls. CO2 emissions will be reduced by around one million kilograms a year as a result of reduced steel use alone.

High and guaranteed quality

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