The Weckman W-2 is a classic roof from 1967. The traditional design makes the roof look calm and impressive on any building.

Available in quality class Premium 50, Standard 40, Economy 30 and galvanised.

Spruce green RR11
Light Grey RR21
Dark grey 
Red RR29
Dark brown RR32
Black RR33
Tile Red RR750

W-2 advantages


Made of 100% recyclable steel.


Several profile, colour and coating options and raw material thicknesses.


Durable, low-maintenance and long-lived.


Progantti roofing sheet made of extra strong 320 quality structural steel. Durability classification of up to 50 years.


Weckman W-2 technical information

Weckman W-1

Nominal effective width

1150 mm

Profile height

18 mm

Maximum length

~6000 mm

Minimum length

400 mm

Minimum recommended roof inclination


Raw material

0,45–0,6 mm


Roofing sheet

Rib interval

300 mm

Steel quality

DX51D+Z(0.45mm); S320GD+Z(0.45mm-0.5mm); S320GD+Z(0.6mm)

Fire rating

BROOF (RakMk E1)

Quality system


Total width

~1180 mm


Dimensions according to SFS-EN 508-1 tolerances


  • Roofing sheet
  • Harjalista, sileä
  • Gable flashing 160 mm
  • Screws 4.8 x 28 mm
  • Ridge seal


  • Ridge ventilation piece
  • Overhang
  • Roof safety accessories
  • Drainage system

Installation accessories for Weckman tile pattern and corrugated roofs

Guaranteed durability and safety

Finish your Weckman roof with an impressive and practical drainage system. Trough gutters and gutter pipes are manufactured of hot galvanised steel, which is Pural-coated on both sides. The benefits of the coating are excellent corrosion resistance, good cleanability and durable appearance. Standard colours: white, red, dark grey, dark brown and black .


Down pipe

Down pipe set for 3.0-metre eaves, eaves-heights of over 3 metres with extension parts.

Trough gutter

Standard length

Standard length Standard length 3.0 m, 4.0 m or 5.0 m. Outer bracket and overlap piece as standard.

Safe and durable Weckman roof safety accessories

Wall ladders guarantee safe entry onto the roof. A roof bridge ensures a safe passage on the roof in connection with, e.g., chimney sweeping, snow dropping, antenna installations and other tasks on the roof. Snow breakers are designed to prevent damage caused by snow dropping and to protect the roof coating. All roof safety accessories are reliable and high-quality Finnish products.


Weckman ladders are made of hot galvanised oval tubes without weldings. The steps are round tubes. Wall ladders come in powder-coated or galvanised styles and roof ladders are only available powder-coated.Standard colours for roof and wall ladders: white, red, dark grey, dark brown and black.


Standard lengths 1,2m, 2,7m, 3,3m, 4,2m, 4,5m, 5,4m, 6m, 6,6m, 7,5m, 8,4m. The ladder set includes the ladder frame and wall mounts.


Standard lengths 1,2m, 2,7m, 3,3m, 4,2m, 4,5m, 5,4m, 6m, 6,6m, 7,5m, 8,4m. The ladder set includes upper arcs for the ladder frame and wall mounts (for an eaves width of 85–100 cm).


1,2m, 2,7m, 3,3m, 4,2m, 4,5m, 5,4m, 6m, 6,6m, 7,5m, 8,4m. Includes the ladder frame and wall mounts.

Roof bridge

A roof bridge can also be used for the construction of work platforms and stairs on the roof. Weckman roof bridges are safe, have a snow permeation capacity of over 50% and are classified as class 2, allowing the fastening of safety ropes. The roof bridges are powder coated. Roof profile-specific roof mounts. Standard colours: dark grey, red, dark brown, black, tile red.


Standard lengths 1.21 m (3 roof mounts), 2.47 m (3 roof mounts) and 2.97 m (4 roof mounts).

Snow breaker

In Finnish conditions, snow breakers are necessary where people pass by.Weckman tube snow breakers are made of hot galvanised steel.The snow breaker is delivered either galvanised or powder-coated.Two oval tubes, four roof mounts according to the roof sheet.Standard colours: dark grey, red, dark brown, black, tile red.


3000 mm

Weckman quality is ensured by manufacture according to the ISO9001 quality system. Weckman quality can also be identified by the CE certification, as all of our steel products fulfil the requirements of standards SFS-EN 14783:2006andSFS-EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011. Each of our employees has taken on our goal of keeping work high-quality and faultless.

Weckman Premium 50

Weckman Standard 40

Weckman Economy 30