Environmental sustainability at Weckman

Steel products’ eco-friendly life cycle is important to us

Weckman’s goal is produce reusable or recyclable steel products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. We aim to minimise or eliminate the harmful environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycles. When our steel products reach the end of their service lives, they can be recycled or reused.

In its environmental policy, Weckman undertakes to comply with Finland’s laws and decrees and regulations issued by authorities. Weckman also takes international standards and requirements pertaining to environmental protection, waste management, packaging and packaging waste into account.

Life cycle thinking

In our design, we consider products’ entire life cycle. For example, our halls can be used for various purposes during their life cycles. In addition, we continuously develop our products’ energy-efficiency during construction and use.

The foundation of our environmental safety

High-quality materials and controlled processes are the cornerstone of our environmental safety. We design and manufacture environmentally safe steel products that are suitable for construction and transport and that support our customers’ business operations.

In the development of our product and service range, we pay attention to customer needs and environmental safety. We work with reliable goods suppliers and favour companies that take care of their environmental and social responsibilities.

Halls and steel roofs from fossil-free steel

SSAB and Weckman Steel have concluded a collaboration agreement on the delivery of fossil-free steel. In the future, customers can choose Weckman’s steel roofing and halls made from fossil-free material.

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) provides reliable information on steel’s environmental impact

Weckman has undertaken to reduce its environmental impact, and it wants to offer reliable information in the area of sustainable development. An EPD is a voluntary, standardised declaration based on a life cycle analysis. It gives essential, verified and comparable information in a clear format to developers, building contractors and designers.

Read our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) here

Utilisation of solar power

Weckman Progantti is manufactured using solar power

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GreenCoat® coated products

We offer the most environmentally advanced GreenCoat® products available on the market. They are treated with a biobased coating where fossil-based oil is replaced with Nordic rapeseed oil. The GreenCoat® products meet the requirements set in the REACH regulation and environmental certificates. In addition, the high-quality steel used for the products is 100% recyclable.

Long-term choice

Steels is a durable choice, with thin sheet products easily achieving a life span of 50 years.

Making fossil-free steel a reality

Already, 70-80% of our thin sheet products are made of more eco-friendly steel. In the future, 100% of our steel will be fossil-free.

100% recyclable steel

At the end of the product’s life cycle, all steel is 100% recyclable. Did you know that steel is the most widely recycled material in the world?

Sustainable development

As a pioneer in our field, we develop our products continuously to promote our customers’ interests. Thanks to this development work, our thin sheet products easily reach a service life of 50 years. We are aware of environmental matters and keen to learn new things and to make our operations even more eco-friendly. We operate in an environmentally friendly manner and actively monitor and support the development of eco-friendly materials, while also improving our own environmental measures.

Environmental awareness

Our jointly built and developed quality management system governs our operations, from material suppliers to customers, covering purchases and procurement, design, warehousing, sales, manufacturing and deliveries. The system is based on the requirements and central quality management principles of the ISO 18001:2015 environmental standard.

Weckman’s central environmental goals

  • Increasing the use of eco-friendly energy
  • Significantly reducing the company’s carbon dioxide emissions
  • Promoting the circular economy
  • Promoting climate measures
  • Increasing environmental awareness

Weckman Steel Oy uses the best available techniques (BAT) and expertise (BAK) that are financially feasible to minimise the environmental impact of its production operations.

Energy consumption and related emissions are reduced by investing in fossil-free energy sources. The circular economy is promoted by minimising the amount of waste and material losses in manufacture, warehousing and transport and in the design of packaging.

Weckman supports the improvement of air quality by minimising carbon dioxide and other production emissions through the planning and execution of its operations. In the area of logistics, the company strives towards optimal load planning and full loads. It considers environmental values in its choice of vehicles and external transport partners.

The company has defined its environmental responsibilities. It trains its personnel to act as environmentally aware employees and consumers. Environmental awareness is also promoted among the company’s stakeholders.

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