Helpful partner for design and construction

We offer techinal advice and support for all builders and design and dimensioning software for contruction professionals. Weckman’s know-how is top class. The best result is achieved when Weckman is involved in the design process from the very start. Our wide product ranges also include load-bearing corrugated sheets, composite sheets and steel purlins.

Melding our long traditions in tinsmithing with today’s technology

Weckman represents solid Finnish expertise to ensure the most durable roofs and walls, steel halls, load-bearing structures and intermediate floors providing safe conditions for everyone.
Our know-how derives from a unique meld of our long tradition in tinsmithing skills and the most modern production technology.
Over the course of our decades-long history, Weckman has delivered products to most corners of the world.
As well as understanding our local Nordic conditions, we have experience of the deserts and mountains of Tajikistan, the stormy winters of Central Europe and the icy winters and hot summers of Canada.
Weckman Steel is a Finnish family-run company and our skills and expertise in steel roofing and wall cladding have been passed from father to son now for eight generations.
We are the largest roof sheeting and product supplier that is fully in Finnish ownership.

Roofs for challenging and harsh conditions

Nature has always represented something mystical and unpredictable to people, something wild and uncontrollable.
Our natural surroundings have been something we’ve had to live with, whether that has meant coping with scorching heat or with freezing temperatures, with raging storms, torrential rains or heavy snowfall.
We see changing natural conditions as a challenge we take on gladly.
Through single-minded effort, we’ve developed products that enable us to do just that.

More than 200 roofing options

Weckman offers the most extensive steel roofing selection on the market.
You can choose from more than 200 roofing products.
We take pride in our products’ durability, easy maintenance, good quality and elegant appearance. These are properties that you can rely on, whatever the weather.
We offer tile pattern and interlocking sheets, row coils for machine-seamed roofs, corrugates sheets with a straight profile and load-bearing corrugated sheets.
Our extensive selection of colours and coatings offers something for everyone.
Our roofing sheets are available with a quality classification of

30, 40 and even 50 years

Load-bearing structures and intermediate floors

Weckman’s load-bearing corrugated sheets are CE-certified and extremely safe and their quality is continuously monitored.
They can be used as roof covering or as a load-bearing structure in roofs or intermediate floors. Typical applications include halls, business premises and industrial buildings.
Because of their large load capacity, they can also be used as concrete casting moulds.

Eye-catching and durable facades

Weckman corrugated steel sheets make stunning and durable facade cladding.
They are typically used in warehouses and industrial and production buildings to build attractive, easy-to-maintain and cost-effective wall surfaces rapidly.

Bespoke steel halls ready to use

We manufacture a wide range of steel-framed ready-made halls dimensioned to our customer’s specifications.
The basic range includes unheated halls with a pitched roof, insulated buildings, halls with a single-pitch roof and animal shelters.
Thanks to their adaptability, our halls lend themselves readily to several uses and can be adapted with, for example, sliding doors or extra wide and high doors.

Tractor trailors for a wide range of production uses

Our history in the production of tools and equipment for harsh Finnish conditions goes back more than 250 years. Today, these long traditions are kept up by our tractor trailer manufacturing operations.
Our rock solid expertise ensures that the trailers we design for a wide variety of production, forestry and agricultural transport purposes will withstand any conditions – and last from one generation to the next.

Weckman Group

Weckman Steel Oy manages the international Weckman Group.
The Group includes Weckman Steel OY and AS ESCO Weckman Estonia.
Partly owned companies in the Group are JHW-Profiles GmbH in Germany and Finnish Orima-Tuote Oy, which manufactures roof safety products and rainwater systems.
We export our products to almost 20 countries and there are Weckman agencies in about twenty different countries.


Weckman Steel Oy Vierumäki

The Weckman family has long traditions in metalworking: the first steel products were forged at Weckman’s workshop as early as 1750. The company began manufacturing trailers for agricultural use in the 1950s. Industrial mass production began when the Weckman brothers, Pekka and Matti, established the Weckmanin Konepaja workshop in the village of Härkälä in Vierumäki in 1962. As a result of international expansion, the company changed its name to Weckman Steel Oy in 1997. Our factory, conveniently located within easy reach of several transport connections between Lahti and Heinola, produces all of our steel roofing and related accessories. In Vierumäki, we also manufacture steel wall cladding, load-bearing steel structures for professional use, steel halls and tractor trailers. These heated production facilities have a total area of 30,000 m².
We also have a transport department with a fleet of nine lorries and drivers.

Weckman Steel Oy Iisalmi

Weckman Steel Oy’s factory in Iisalmi began operation in 1984.
The Iisalmi factory, with an area of 5,000 m², focuses on the production of our most popular basic roofing profiles and the distribution of products in northern Finland.