Tractor trailers
to suit the operating environment and requirements

Weckman’s product range includes

  • grain and feed trailers with opening and fixed sides
  • bale trailers for the transport of round bales or vegetable boxes, for example
  • durable earthmoving trailers for demanding use
  • trailers for diverse transport needs and production work

Other factors affecting the choice of trailer

  • A good trailer is versatile, increasing its use.
  • A wide range of accessories further enhance the trailer’s versatility.
  • The trailer’s maximum weight must be in proportion to the tractor’s unladen weight specified by law.
  • The oil demand of the trailer’s tipping cylinder is compatible with the amount of oil in the tractor.
  • The road tractor’s deceleration (speed above 40 km/h) required by law is ensured by a correctly dimensioned braking system.
  • Good availability of spare parts reduces downtime.
  • Weckman trailers always undergo a comprehensive third-party testing programme and meet the requirements of the EU standard (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC), which guarantees the trailer’s safety.
  • Please note that Weckman offers a 2-year warranty on all the tractor trailers it manufactures.


Weckman tractor trailers

In Finland, Weckman’s trailers were traditionally known as TUHTI trailers. From 2023 onwards, TUHTI tractor trailers will be sold as Weckman tractor trailers. Our tractor trailers bring additional efficiency to production and transport operations in agriculture and forestry. Thanks to their meticulously designed details, the Weckman tractor trailers are durable, safe and comfortable to use. The solid chassis and high ground clearance make the tractor trailer easy to drive even over challenging terrain. The rotationally rigid structure of the Weckman trailer frame can withstand heavy loads. The long towbar ensures that the Weckman trailer is easy to manoeuvre even with twin tyres.




Trailers for tractors from Weckman

Weckman Steel has more than 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of TUHTI WS trailers. Nowadays, TUHTI trailers are known as Weckman trailers. All Weckman tractor trailers are still manufactured in Finland, at Weckman Steel Oy’s factory in Vierumäki.

Check out Finland’s most popular Weckman trailers at your nearest retailer. The innovative Weckman tractor trailers of our new range are available from all Hankkija-Maatalous Oy stores around Finland.

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Weckman Steel’s Finnish
Tractor trailers

Grain trailers with opening sides

Grain and feed trailers with opening sides.

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Fixed-side grain trailers

Grain and feed trailers with fixed sides.

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Bale trailers

For transporting round bales and pallet boxes.

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Earthmoving trailers

Durable earthmoving trailers for demanding professional use.

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Multipurpose trailers

Trailers for a wide range of transport needs and production work.

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Trailer accessories

Improve occupational safety and comfort.

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