Social sustainability at Weckman

We appreciate others

From the outset, the values of our family-run company have included taking care of our employees and treating everyone equally. Our personnel and individual employees are our main resource and the key to our success. In all our operations, we show appreciation to our staff.

We invest in the development of our employees’ skills. The understanding of our customers’ needs and business and the smooth and rapid functioning of the order-delivery chain are the cornerstones of our operations. Quality is everyone’s responsibility and it arises from seamless collaboration across the entire company.

We appreciate our personnel’s diversity, which is an integral part of our unique company culture. Taking care of and promoting occupational safety and well-being is a shared responsibility of the entire personnel and stakeholders, and good results are achieved with seamless collaboration between the company and its collaboration partners.

Occupational safety and well-being goals

Our goal is to create a safe and tranquil working environment where professionals and experts in various fields work together and where joint goals guide employees to build the company’s future while advancing in their careers. We work together to build a company that we can be proud of now and in the future.

Controlled operating processes as the basis for occupational safety

Weckman Steel Oy is committed to maintaining and continuously developing the safety of its machines and work procedures. Workplace surveys have been conducted for all our locations and occupational safety studies have been carried out for our machines, and on the basis of these results we systematically develop and improve occupational safety. In our day-to-day operations, safety matters are integrated into our processes.

Our occupational safety committee, occupational health service and pension insurance company work together to monitor and develop occupational health and safety and to develop safety matters on the level of targets in line with the principles of continuous improvement.

Weckman teräksen ammattilainen

Occupational safety and wellbeing

Our jointly built and developed quality management system governs the safety and HR management principles of our operations.

Goals of the occupational safety and well-being policies

  • Safe working environment
  • Controlled and efficient processes
  • We appreciate our personnel
  • Transparency and reliability
  • Continuous development
  • A successful company

Responsibilities regarding occupational safety and wellbeing have been clearly defined by the company. Similarly, the company’s occupational safety organisation, people and their roles have been defined in detail. Our staff and close collaboration partners are regularly informed about the development of the occupational health and safety system, and training on the use and utilisation of the system is offered. Stakeholders are also offered information on the health and safety system via various channels.

Weckman Steel Oy has prepared several policies with a view to defining and promoting occupational health and safety matters

  • Safety guidelines
  • Work community development plan
  • Occupational health collaboration’s action plan 2022-2025
  • Induction guidelines for new employees
  • Early intervention model
  • Substance abuse programme

Weckman Steel Oy uses the best available techniques (BAT) and expertise (BAK) that are financially feasible to prevent safety and wellbeing issues and to minimise their impacts.

Continuous development

We monitor our operating environment, and we are ready to make changes and keen to learn new things and to develop our operations in this changing environment. We operate in an environmentally friendly manner and actively monitor and support the development of practices, while also continuously improving our own operations.

Our main goal is satisfied customers

Good customer account management is the foundation of our operations. With our products and services, we help our customers succeed in their business. We ensure that our product specifications are up to date and that the products are easy for the customer to use. Our technical and commercial support services offer assistance with short response times. We deliver products and services to customers as agreed and at the right time.

Weckman Steel emphasises strong values and high ethical standards in all its operations

Because of this, it is of paramount importance that customers, subcontractors and stakeholders can report any conduct that violate Weckman Steel’s values, ethical principles or legal requirements via a whistleblowing channel in accordance with the EU’s whistleblowing directive.

The whistleblowing channel can be used to report

  • illegal, unethical or irresponsible conduct related to Weckman Steel’s personnel
  • illegal, unethical or irresponsible conduct related to Weckman Steel’s procurement/delivery chain
  • misuse of Weckman Steel’s company name or brands

Via our whistleblowing channel you can report any abuses or illegal acts related to the company’s operations safely and anonymously.

You can access the whistleblowing channel here:


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