Tractor trailer accessories

Weckman tractor trailers are designed with usability and occupational safety in mind from the ground up. Accessories can add features and versatility to the trailers, while improving safety.

See the standard accessories of the trailers on the product pages.

For grain trailers

  • grain sides and increased top sides
  • tarp arcs
  • gravel tailgate
  • hinged sides

For fixed-side trailers

  • gravel tailgate (MG trailers)
  • trailer coupling at the back
  • grain cassette with swing locking cylinders (WS180 KG)
  • tyres 710/40R22.5 (for WS180 KG)
  • alternative platform colours, spray painted

For earthmoving trailers

  • Roadworthy tractor equipment
  • equipment box
  • LED lighting kit
  • grain cassette (WS130 DG)
  • alternative tyres 710/40R22.5 (WS180 DG)

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