Weckman WS bale trailer

Weckman’s bale trailer is designed for safe transport of round bales. It is also suitable for transporting pallet boxes. Cleverly designed and manufactured with stringent attention to quality, the trailers are exceptionally durable. Hydraulically operated sides and low loading height bring operating comfort and increase occupational safety.

Bale trailer range

Sturdy frame, durable and spacious structures

Thanks to the torsionally rigid frame, Weckman bale trailers are sturdy and have a long service life. The frame and the platform are made of tubular beams. The frame and the platform are dip-coated or spray painted.

Bale trailer range

WS130 BT

  • Load-carrying capacity 13,000 kg
  • Weight 3,400 kg
  • Platform size 246×900 cm (external dimensions)
  • Loading height 108 cm
  • 4-wheel brakes


  • Load-carrying capacity 18,000 kg
  • Weight 5,500 kg
  • Platform size 246 × 900 cm (external dimensions)
  • Loading height 143 cm
  • 4-wheel brakes

Tractor trailer accessories

Accessories can add features and versatility to Weckman trailers, while improving safety. Available are side extensions, rollover tarps, brakes, etc.

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