Weckman MG multipurpose trailers with fixed sides

Multipurpose trailers suit a wide range of transport needs. With the fixed standard sides, the volume of the sturdy-framed multipurpose trailers ranges from 4.5 to 9.3 m³, and extra sides can be used to increase the volume. Packed with carefully designed details, Weckman tractor trailers are exceptionally durable, comfortable to use and safe.

Range of multipurpose trailers

General purpose trailers with fixed sides

The design of the sides of the Weckman trailers keeps even finely ground materials tightly confined.

The sides of the general purpose trailers are durable and maintain their shape well. Depending on the model, the sides are made of 4 to 5 mm thick steel, and their support structure allows them to flex. This flexibility prevents the formation of permanent changes in shape. The support beam along the top adds sturdiness.

The standard height of the sides of the multipurpose trailers is 50–80 cm. A grain cassette, available as an accessory, can be used to increase the volume of the trailer.

Sturdy frame, durable and spacious platform

Thanks to the torsionally rigid frame and platform, the trailer can withstand even large stresses, which increases the lifespan of the trailer. The frame and platform stringers are made of tubular beams. The thick bottom plate can withstand the loading stresses. The inside of the platform is smooth, which reduces material sticking.

The tailgate is either a manually operated gate backstop (WS90 MG) or a hydraulically operated rear side that opens downwards (WS 110 MG, WS 130 MG). The hydraulic tailgate is equipped with a dual lock valve.

The parts of the frame are dip-coated, resulting in a coating that covers also the inside of the tubular beam of the frame, preventing corrosion. The platform is spray painted. The long towbar improves the turning radius also when running on twin wheels. The wheels are equipped with high-quality FAD hubs.

Weckman hydraulic tailgate

For safer loading and unloading

A Weckman innovation, the hydraulic tailgate enables the transport of even high-volume objects. The hydraulic tailgate helps in the transport of machinery, since it eliminates the need for a separate ramp. A well-protected cylinder ensures a long and worry-free service life. The tested, adjustable structure ensures safe unloading.

A sturdy bogie with high ground clearance

The bogie structure of the trailers is a symmetrical “bogie” in which the middle axle is lower than the hub axles. This enables the trailer to pass over obstacles easily, which helps to keep the load stable. The trailers have high ground clearance, since the sturdy bogie does not need any additional support. The swing arm axle has a ball bearing.

Range of WS MG multipurpose trailers


  • Load-carrying capacity 9,000 kg
  • Unladen weight 1,650 kg
  • Bogie trailer
  • New sturdy frame
  • Platform stringers from tubular beam
  • Internal platform dimensions 368×221 cm
  • External platform dimensions 380×233 cm
  • Side height 55 cm
  • Volume with standard sides 4.5 m³
  • Volume with grain sides 9.8 m³

WS110 MG

  • Bogie trailer
  • Load-carrying capacity 11,000 kg
  • Weight 2,200 kg
  • Side height 80/155 cm
  • Volume: 7.4 m³ (standard sides), 14.7 m³ (extra high sides)

WS130 MG

  • Bogie trailer
  • Load-carrying capacity 13,000 kg
  • Unladen weight 2,630 kg
  • Side height 80/155 cm
  • Volume: 8.4 m³ (standard sides), 16.5 m³ (extra high sides)

Tractor trailer accessories

Accessories can add features and versatility to Weckman trailers, while improving safety. Available are side extensions, rollover tarps, brakes, etc.

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