Weckman trailers, made in Finland

Weckman’s tractor trailers are designed for demanding transport of goods in agriculture, forestry and earthworks. Our range of trailers contains the best options for any professional transport needs. Cleverly designed and manufactured with stringent attention to quality, Weckman tractor trailers are exceptionally durable, comfortable to use and safe.

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For farms

For earthworks

For transport

Safer, faster and more efficient transport

Weckman’s new tractor trailers make transport, loading and unloading faster, safer and more efficient. Our latest innovations meet the most stringent customers’ needs. Weckman trailers are manufactured using the latest methods, which guarantee a reduced manufacturing footprint.

Durable and versatile trailers for practically any transport need

Thanks to its robot-welded torsionally rigid chassis and platform, a Weckman tractor trailer has a long lifespan and can carry even the heaviest loads. The sturdy bogie, long towbar and high ground clearance make the trailers suitable also for the roughest conditions. These multipurpose tractor trailers are a perfect choice for the transport of grain, feed, hay, manure, soil, tree stumps, lumber and many other materials.

Grain trailers with openable sides

Grain and feed trailers with openable sides

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Container grain trailers

Grain and feed trailers with fixed sides

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Bale trailers

For transporting round bales and pallet boxes

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Earthmoving trailers

Durable earthmoving trailers for demanding professionals.

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Multipurpose trailers

Trailers for a wide range of transport needs and operations

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Trailer accessories

Improve occupational safety and operating comfort

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Tested and recommended by Finnish farmers for over 60 years

Weckman Steel manufactures its trailers in Vierumäki, Finland. Weckman’s traditions and decades of experience on the production of tractor trailers guarantee that the trailers are manufactured with great care and top-notch quality.

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How to select the right trailer

What should I take into account when selecting a trailer?
There are many reasons why a Weckman trailer is the right choice for you.

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Weckman trailers

Safety-enhancing features and accessories

When designing a trailer, Weckman takes occupational safety into account from the very start and improves it constantly on the basis of feedback received. All Weckman trailers comply with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, which guarantees that they are safe to operate.

The trailers contain several safety-enhancing features

  • The safety of tipping operations has been verified by a comprehensive third-party testing programme.
  • The weight distribution of the trailer has been designed and tested to ensure that the trailer will not start falling backwards during tipping. The load exerted by an emptying trailer at the hitch link is 500N or 3% of the weight of an empty trailer on level ground.
  • The steps make it easy to climb on the trailer and the non-slip tape on the towbar reduces the risk of slipping.
  • The interlocks in the tailgate/grain hatch prevent the hatch from falling.
  • The trailers’ large rear lights and efficient brakes enhance road safety.
  • Weckman accessories help you to tailor your trailer to your needs.
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Sales of Weckman TUHTI tractor trailers

The new generation of environmentally friendly Weckman TUHTI Green tractor trailers are available in all Lantmännen Agro stores and Weckman sales throughout Finland.

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