SSAB Europe and Weckman Steel Oy have signed a letter of intent to supply fossil-free steel to the Finnish steel roofing and building solutions market from 2026 onwards. As a result of the letter of intent, consumers will have the option to choose Weckman’s steel roofs and halls made from fossil-free steel in the future.

“We have started to reduce our carbon footprint by renovating our production and entire supply chain. Weckman’s hall renovations reduce the carbon footprint of the halls from design to commissioning. Weckman has reduced its annual CO2 emissions by approximately 15% since 2020, and our goal is to reduce them by over 20% annually. Measures already taken include increasing energy efficiency with the use of a solar power plant, using two pellet power plants for energy production, and improving the fuel efficiency of our own transport fleet. Fossil-free steel is a significant part of our sustainability goals, and the transition to SSAB’s fossil-free steel from 2026 onwards is a natural continuation of our efforts to minimize our carbon footprint,” summarizes Weckman Steel Oy’s CEO Hannu Jokinen.

SSAB aims to bring the world’s first fossil-free premium steels to the market on a commercial scale by 2026. If the steel industry wants to become a sustainable, fossil-free operator, it must reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from steel production. This steel will revolutionize the industry, as it will essentially eliminate the carbon dioxide emissions from steel production.

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Hannu Jokinen, Weckman Steel Oy, CEO, Tel. +358 44 7837 200,

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