Weckman thin sheets help reduce the carbon footprint in construction

Kattolaskuri Weckman

Up to 70–80% of Weckman’s thin sheet products are made in a sustainable manner. The SSAB GreenCoat® steel and Arcelor Mittal’s eco-friendly products are part of Weckman Steel’s selection. In the future, Weckman’s thin sheet products will be made from fossil-free steel. The production of fossil-free steel will reduce Finland’s carbon dioxide emissions by 7%.

Steel production is a major cause of CO2 emissions. To mitigate this, steel plants are making plans to cut their greenhouse gases significantly. This is important to Weckman. “Our starting point has always been to trust our steel suppliers and collaboration partners, who also bear their responsibility in environmental matters. Their innovations directly affect our production and construction carbon footprint,” says Marko Seppänen, Weckman’s thin sheet product line manager.

More eco-friendly thin sheet are an integral part of Weckman’s product range

Weckman’s thin sheets are used for modern roof profiles, hall wall profiles, roof and wall purlins and trailer side profiles. Thin sheet products are delivered across Finland, the Nordic region and elsewhere in Europe. Thin sheets are made from materials, such as SSAB GreenCoat® steel, which is coated with bio-based paint where a significant proportion of fossil oil has been replaced with rapeseed oil.

Developed by SSAB, the GreenCoat® coating is Finland’s best-known construction material coating that contains bio-based materials. As a GreenCoat® partner, Weckman is involved in the development and testing of the GreenCoat® steel, which has a longer lifespan than steels with a conventional coating, thanks to its outstanding technical qualities.

“Environmentally friendly construction materials are an integral part of our product selection. Demand is increasing steadily as the principles of awareness and sustainability spread among consumers and professional builders. We are involved in the development of coatings of the future with SSAB and this collaboration will continue,” says Seppänen.

Weckman – leading the way since 1962.

Fossil-free steel as a raw material for Weckman’s thin sheets

The goal of steel plants is to reduce their greenhouse emissions by up to 35% by 2032 with measures such as the use of fossil-free steel, electrification of energy use and the use of biofuels. The production of fossil-free steel will reduce Finland’s carbon-dioxide emissions by 7%.

“When steel production operations succeed in cutting their emissions, the impact will be apparent throughout the entire production chain. A shift away from the old blast furnace technology alone will reduce emissions from steel production by 70%,” explains Seppänen.

With the right maintenance, Weckman thin sheets last a lifetime

To ensure a long lifespan, thin sheet products must be maintained in the correct manner. “The 50-year service life in line with the life cycle philosophy is easy to achieve. With the correct treatment and maintenance painting, the sheets offer outstanding resistance to corrosion,” notes Seppänen. Regular painting and removal of moss and debris ensure that the investment remains in good condition. “By complying with our maintenance instructions you can guarantee that your thin sheet products offer a long service life,” he says.

The weather changes, Weckman remains.

For example, about 45% of SSAB’s steel production globally is based on the use of recycled steel. The corresponding figure for Finland and Sweden s 20–25%. For the remainder, iron ore is used. Steel products should always be recycled at the end of their service lives as steel can be reused again and again. The carbon dioxide emissions caused by recycled steel are less than a tenth of those from steel made from iron ore. “All Weckman thin sheets are 100% recyclable,” says Seppänen.

This is how Weckman’s thin sheet products reduce the carbon footprint of construction

– 50-year service life is easy to achieve
– 100% recyclable steel
– 70-80% of thin sheets made from more eco-friendly steel
– 100% fossil-free steel in the future
– Weckman Progantti is made with solarenergy