Weckman Steel Oy is the master of steel constuction.

Weckman Steel Oy has refined steel for over 55 years.
We develop and manufacture high-quality products of sheet steel in our factories in Vierumäki (Heinola) and Iisalmi.
We understand the challenges and opportunities related to products manufactured out of steel sheets.
As a pioneer, Weckman continuously develops its products for the benefit of its customers.

Our wide product ranges serve builders of new buildings, restorers of old buildings, professional construction workers and users of agricultural and forestry machinery in various capacities. Our extensive retailer and installation service network serves the whole of Finland. Our technical product support in the factory helps and guides our professional customers. This guarantees know-how all the way to the end-customer.

We are best known for durable and impressive steel roofs.
Weckman roofing sheets have already covered countless residential buildings, production[1]and commercial buildings in Finland and elsewhere in the world.
We also manufacture steel structure storage halls and tractor trailers for various needs.

The weather changes, Weckman remains – from one generation to the next!

Choose esteemed Weckman quality products:

  • High quality and reliability
  • JRetailers and installation partners everwhere in Finland
  • Finnish designs manufactured in Finland
  • Finely designed products save costs

Weckman Steel Oy:

  • A family company established in 1962, number of personnel about 150
  • Develops and manufactures steel sheet products
  • Factories in Heinola and Iisalmi, extensive retailer and installation network
  • Factory services and product support for professional builders and retailers

Durable Weckman quality and steel processing skills have a long tradition.

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